Facebook ads

  • Content ads, which can be either dynamic (from the product feed) or static (banner), will bring new customers to your e-shop.
  • Remarketing campaigns will bring you back those customers that did not finish their purchase.
  • All advertisements are detaily targeted on people with the highest possibility of purchase.

Google Adwords

  • Content advertisements across the great network of websites that are using google ads.
  • Google merchant is one of the tools with the highest conversion rate. Here we will present your products based on product feed.
  • Dynamic remarketing campaigns targeted on the customers that did not finish the purchase.
  • Searching campaigns based on analysis of the keywords.

Google Analytics

  • The most common internet tool for the exact measurement.
  • Revenues, conversion rate, turnout, customer behavior, customer demographic data, webpage speed, product saleability, ad effectiveness, remakerting audinece, what type of device (PC, mobile, tablet) and so on.

Social Network Management

  • We will take care of content on your company profiles.
  • Facebook wall, Instragram wall, FB and IG stories.
  • Facebook marketplace on your page, through which customers can immediately make a purchase.
  • Scheduled posts for rising saleability and brand extension.